While it’s not hard to find a personal trainer in Austin, Gym Force Personal Training was built to provide an experience greater than an hour-long workout.

Gym Force is a community-driven fitness studio that provides one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching in a semi-private training environment.

With over 50 years experience combined, our coaches know what it takes to help our clients move and feel better no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

And it all begins with a strong, motivated community that helps support each other with each step they take.


A program designed around your needs, wants, and goals.


Meal plans & habit tracking that works for you and your family.


Professional coaches and a strong community to support you.


We offer the most comprehensive fitness transformation program in Central Texas. Whether you are looking for a complete body transformation, to get your health back on track, reduce your overall body fat quickly, or adopt a completely new life-style, Gym Force will help you achieve any and every goal you have. Together with our highly targeted and strategic transformation coaching services, we have changed the the lives of hundreds (and counting) within the Central Texas Community. Our programming is designed for success and leaves nothing to chance. We are experts in total body transformation training.

  • Customized Fitness Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching


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Their words, not ours...
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"absolutely love that I was able to get my fitness goals personalized by the coaching there. results that have been fast and results that are going to stick! the one on one coaching is the biggest thing that's been missing in the past from my fitness and having it now has made the world of difference."
- Griffin Jerke
"You are never going to find anyone who genuinely cares more about you, your well being, and achieving your goals than Erica or Jared Johnson! They are thorough l, informative and will get and keep you on track!"
- LeAnn Dinh
"I would highly recommend Jared & Erica! They have been such a great support through my lifestyle change journey. I accomplished things I never knew I could! They are very caring and supportive. Not only do they want you to succeed but they set you up for long term success. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time than I have in all my years of dieting. My health and my life have changed because of this program and I owe it all to Jared and Erica! I can’t thank them enough!"
- Patricia Marshall
"I highly recommend this program! Erica and Jared were so communicative and encouraging throughout the six weeks and beyond. When I didn't think I could do it, they gave me the motivation and positivity I was missing. I've tried several different programs alone and working with Gym Force made me realize how important it is to have accountability and people working alongside you, pushing you forward. Thanks again, Erica and Jared - you guys are rockstars!"
- Kelli VanderPal
"I started this journey with Erica and her husband Jared, the support they provided from the get go was truly the push I needed. They taught me balance, and the importance of a healthy balance diet. They made the process so easy for me, that even tho I’m done with the program, i am still going, and putting everything they have taught me to action. Thank you so much for everything! Please, if you’re thinking of joining, please do! Trust me you won’t regret it! ITS SO WORTH IT!"
- Bre Gutierrez
"I started this program and had a lot going on in life. Jared and Erica stayed so positive and encouraging through the whole process for me and I loved it so much. I lost inches and pounds with their eating plan, even with a healing broken foot that restricted my exercise. Thank you both so much for being amazing life coaches and great friends."
- Laura Colmenero


We'll show you how to 10X your results by incorporating a supplement strategy to maximize recovery and ignite your body's ability to burn fat. 

- Increase Performance

- Recover Faster

- Sleep Better

- Burn Stubborn Fat

- Regulate Hormones

- Fill Nutritional Gaps

- Block Cravings

- Never Plateau


Want to never meal prep again? Take back the US average 6hrs PER WEEK a person spends cooking & cleaning after meals…

- 13+ Protein Options

- Meal Plan Friendly

- Balanced with Macronutrient breakdown

- Delicious food so you never fall off plan

- Made fresh

- Shipped next day to your door

- Just Heat, Peel, and Eat

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